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$19.95 $35.95 -45% OFF


Product description

Let those curious little hands explore! ... but maybe not in the diaper mess.

Our ULTIMATE DIAPER CHANGING MAT™  3-in-1 Waterproof Portable Baby Changing Pad - Mat provides all the benefits of a standard portable changing station and diaper clutch plus a useful barrier to hang toys from and gently redirect your child's curiosity away from the mess. 

Once you have tried it, you will wonder where it has been all your life!

Easily fits all your diaper supplies and folds up into a handy clutch which you can hang from your pram or throw in your baby bag.

When its time for changing simply unfold, grab your supplies out, velcro the barrier and you'll have a little clean bum in no time!

You can also attach your child's favorite toy or a teething ring to keep them extra occupied! 

It has a water resistant backing making messes simple to wipe clean with a disinfectant wipe!

Less stress. Less mess. More fun!

  *The changing mat has been tested through a CPSIA approved third party testing facility to ensure that it meets all government safety requirements and is safe for baby's at any age 

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