TurboStorm MiniJet X110

$76.96 $99.99 -24% OFF


TurboStorm MiniJet X110

$76.96 $99.99 -24% OFF


Product description

Type 1 :


Unparalleled airflow with 110,000 RPM

Imagine a world where one tool handles it all. Meet our Powerful Blower with High-Speed Duct Fan – your ultimate companion for a variety of tasks.


✅ Unparalleled airflow with 110,000 RPM

✅ Ultra-quiet, high-performance brushless motor

✅ Energy-efficient design for cost savings

✅ Double ball bearings for extra reliability

13 FAN BLADES for maximum efficiency

✅ Transform your space with superior ventilation


Quick Hair Styling

Rushed mornings are no match for this blower. With its mighty 110,000 RPM, it dries and styles your hair in minutes, leaving you looking flawless.

Effortless Dust Cleaning

Say goodbye to tedious dusting. This blower's versatile power swiftly eliminates dust, cobwebs, and debris from every corner, making cleaning a breeze.

Water Dryer Extraordinaire

Spills are inevitable. But with our blower, they're no problem. It efficiently dries wet surfaces, leaving no trace of moisture behind.

Car Care Simplified

Tired of towel-drying your car? The blower makes it a breeze, ensuring a spotless, streak-free finish.


Max Power: 180W.

Bearing: Dual Ball.

Battery: 2 * 18650 cells, each with a capacity of 3000mAh and a maximum discharge current of 30A.

Casing: Made of tough light-cured 3D printing material with polishing.

Charging: Type-C port with QC15W fast charging.

Package Includes:1 * Blower (After fully charged, it can last for about 30 minutes)


Type 2:


1. this turbo fan has a simple design, reasonable structure, powerful performance, peak air speed over 45m/S

2. 28.8mm diameter low-voltage brushless high-speed motor, 8.4V working voltage. Quiet and strong wind power

3. Built-in 13 large-size blades, made by precision CNC machining.

4. 2 built-in 18650 power batteries (the capacity of a single battery is 2500MaH), long-lasting (the most high-grade up to about 15 minutes of continuous use)

5. 30A ESC, low heat generation; 150W maximum power, strong performance.

6. using type-c interface, support PD fast charging agreement

7. support infinitely adjustable speed function, can adjust any wind speed, press and hold to start, release the button to stop

8. Better practicality, more extensive use of the scene

9. Pocket fan, mini size, easy to carry


- 110,000 RPM unparalleled powerful airflow

- Ultra quiet, high performance brushless motor

- Energy saving design, cost saving

- 13 fan blades for maximum efficiency and durability

Special Notice.

1. fan power, full speed long time running attention to heat, the body temperature rises, pay attention to rest or reduce speed, long time running recommended medium-speed

2. when charging and discharging, please put it in a ventilated place, no combustible materials around, when its wind speed is significantly reduced in time for its charging

3. its shell for 3D printing, handmade DIY and become, there are slight defects is normal.

Shipping List:

1 x Turbo Air Gun

1 x Magnetic wind nozzle

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