Retractable Window Roller Sunshade

Retractable Window Roller Sunshade





40*60CM(16*24inches) Side windscreen+Bedroom

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Reduce UV sunlight in your room, and make a comfortable environment.

Also, perfect for the car windows, and protect the car sofa/facility.


Wide range of uses: The parasol can be used not only in cars but also in offices, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. So you don’t have to worry about dazzling sunlight will keep your concentrated work.

Sun protection: This car window sunshade is an essential tool for any family with young children. It can block more than 97% of ultraviolet rays, protecting your baby and passengers from skin irritation and glare sunlight. Not only does this provide a safe environment for your little ones, but it also helps to keep the car cool by reducing the amount of direct sunlight entering through the windows. The sun shade provides both safety and comfort while driving in hot climates or during summer months.

High quality and durable: High quality and durable: They are durably made of high-quality PVC. They do not decompose in the heat of the sun.

Privacy screen: The window sun shade is the perfect choice for those seeking privacy while driving. The car hood can reduce sun glare and heat, allowing you to see from the outside without impairing your vision. However, it provides a barrier between passengers inside and anyone looking in from the outside as it is difficult to see into the car's interior. This side window blind ensures that you have complete privacy when needed so that you can drive with peace of mind knowing that no one can look in on your private conversations or activities.

Easy to install and remove: This car sunshade is an easy and convenient solution for protecting your vehicle from the sun. It can be quickly assembled and folded in a few seconds, making it ideal for frequent use. The rubber suction cups provide a secure fit and hold the shade firmly on the window, while its adjustable rope allows you to adjust the size of its protection area depending on your needs. This product will ensure that both you and your passengers are comfortable during sunny days without having to worry about UV rays entering through windows or windshields.

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Size 40*60cm,50*125cm
Vehicle Service Type Passenger Car, Truck
Material PVC+plastic+iron
Closure Type Retractable