New Nail Clipper

$16.98 $29.98 -44% OFF

New Nail Clipper

$16.98 $29.98 -44% OFF
Product description
Designed with a protective cap which can prevent nails you cut from poping everywhere.

The knife edge is adjustable. Rotate the middle screw. Rotate clockwise to make it tighter and anticlockwise to relax.

Removable and cleanable front section, The cutting blade is removable for resharpening

High quality metal blades and springs
  • With a rotatable circle stand, you can cut the same length on all nails.
  • Sharp U-shaped Blade: The false nail clipper has a smooth cutting blade with which you could cut the nails into your desired lengths and styles.
  • Special Design: There are 3 different styles -- square nails, round nails, and french nails. You can hold it at different angles to get a different style of cutting.
  • Saving Time: Making nicely clean cutting with different sizes in a short time. Great for nails salon, manicure shop, or personal home DIY nail art.
  • Usage: Loosen the screw and put out the plastic component. Then press the handle and the blade will come out. Removing the blade after using it.
  • Package Included: 1 x Nail Clipper (4.61 x 8.34inch)

Ways to remove and sharpen the blade:
1:Unscrew the screw
2: Pull out the little plastic component
3: Press the handle, and the blade will come out
4: Remove the blade
5: File and sharpen it
6: Install the balde back and you get a new sharp false nails cutter.

Triple Cut:
1. Square Nails: Putting the nail tips perpendicular to the cutting edge with a straight cut.
2. Round Nails: Putting the nail tips downwards with an upper right oblique cut.
3. French Nails: Putting the nail tips upwards with an upper left oblique cut.

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