Multi-Tier Stainless Steel Storage Rack

Multi-Tier Stainless Steel Storage Rack





2 layers


Need space for all those piled-up dishes from the week? Neatly organize your dishes with the Storage Rack! This all-In-one kitchen accessory features a plate rack, bowl rack, utensil/knife holders, and plastic drain trays. Simply mount this unit with adjustable shelves above your sink, work table, or empty wall to reduce clutter and save valuable counter space. No need to place a drying mat underneath the rack. The removable drain trays allow you to transfer access water right into the sink or use as separate trays for prepping fruits and veggies! For more storage, pair with other styles from the Homeuphill collection.

Multi-purpose for drying and storage.

Dishwashing may not be everyone's favorite chore, but air-drying is now an effortless routine for freshly washed dishes and produce! Store anything from everyday dinner plates and bowls to heirloom china for special occasions on this Storage rack. Extra features like hanging hooks and utensil compartments ensure all your entertaining essentials are accessible. For versatility, use the drain trays for fruits, veggies, and other food items. The two/three-level design maximizes vertical space and perfect for your kitchen, small apartment, RV, or camper! 

Smart wall system design with easy assembly.

This 2/3-tier wall mount display is suitable for over-the-sink or counter. Includes the option to adjust each rack shelf based on the height of items. Utensil holder, knife holder, and hanging hooks easily re-position along the frame. Minimal assembly required. Mounting hardware and Instructions INCLUDED. Made of 201 stainless steel with a black finish. Dishes NOT INCLUDED. The entire unit measures approximately 17” L x 10.62” W x 13”/21.9" H (up to 8” between shelf tiers).

SET INCLUDES: Plate Rack (for 15 standard dinner plates); Bowl Rack (for 18 small bowls) ; (2) Plastic Drain Trays ; (1) Utensil Holder ; (1) Knife Holder; and (3) Hanging Hooks.

Adjustable Shelves

Includes the option to adjust each shelf rack based on the height of your items.

Hanging Hooks

Suspends cooking tools, dish towels, and more anywhere around the frame.

Utensil Holders

Knife holder block, plus utensil holder for forks, knives, spoons, etc.

Drain Trays

Allows excess water to flow into sink, pour out, or drain dishes/produce.

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