KawayMigi™ Kitchen Sink

KawayMigi™ Kitchen Sink





75X45CM (29.52 inches X 17.71 inches)


Basic Pack




We have the range of kitchen sinks that you need to keep your kitchen in the best shape. Each sink is made from the best materials and constructed to offer you the most optimal performance. Our sinks are also resistant against corrosion and provide you with a hygienic environment for cooking.

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Product Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: 75X46CM (29.52 inches X 18.1 inches) - 68X46CM (26.7 inches X 18.1 inches)

Sink Height Size: 22Cm (8.6 inches)

Manufacturing Industry: Stainless Steel Sheet Integral Stretch Forming

Surface Technology: Soft Oiled Brushed Surface

Product Features: Large Capacity, No Dirt, Vertical Basin

Use: Can Wash Dishes, Fruits and Vegetables.

Product Features: Surface Wire Drawing Treatment, Stainless Steel Texture! Good Stability, Not Only No Glare, But Also Can Withstand Repeated Wear of Porcelain and Tableware, Easy to Clean.