Automatic Glass Cup Washer

Automatic Glass Cup Washer





Black style 3




  • Glass rinser can reach places your hand often can't—plus it's great for delicate glassware.
  • Its simple and matte black color would match any kitchen or bar style.
  • Also, the whooshing sound it makes as it removes coffee scum, dregs of dried red wine, or veggie puree with ease is enormously satisfying.
  • Cup washer is Suitable for Any Glass/Cups/Vessels size from 1 inch – 4 inches. Glass Rinser water jets are centrally located, so they’ll rinse your items effectively, no matter how narrow they are. Especially for items that’s aren’t dishwasher safe.
  • Easy installation with the included 31 inch supply line and adapter tee for connecting to compression water supply valve. Glass Rinser fit standard countertop mounting hole—the kind commonly used for faucets, sprayers, and soap pumps. Simply mount to your counter and connect to a water supply.