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Size Guide: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Pup Size Chest (cm) Neck (cm) Chest (inches) Neck (inches) S 40 34 15.75 13.39 M 45 40 17.72 15.75 L 50 45 19.69 17.72 XL 60 50 23.62 19.69   Introducing our "Deadly Doll Dog Costume" – a winter wardrobe essential crafted from high-quality cotton thicken fabric. Experience the natural soft touch combined with high elasticity, ensuring your furry friend stays comfortably warm all season long. The exquisite workmanship and attention to detail make this costume perfect for winter wear, guaranteeing a cozy and stylish look. Let your pet stand out with our unique and exclusive deadly doll design, making them the center of attention during Christmas celebrations. The adorable cozy costume is not just a fashion statement; it's a symbol of love and care for your beloved pet, making it an ideal choice for parties, celebrations, and everyday wear.Our cool and funny three-dimensional design adds a playful touch to your pet's wardrobe. The overall simplicity and generous aesthetics, coupled with a strong festive atmosphere, make this costume a standout choice for any occasion. When choosing the perfect size for your pet, rely on our comprehensive size chart, measuring their chest and neck for accuracy. Forget about weight or breeds; we prioritize the perfect fit for ultimate comfort. The Deadly Doll Dog Costume is not just for daily wear; it's versatile enough for special occasions, weekend parties, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, photo shoots, play dates, or simply making your pet look its best. Elevate your pet's style with our Deadly Doll Dog Costume – because your furry friend deserves the best!  
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FlexGuard DuoShield FlexGuard DuoShield
FlexGuard DuoShield $13.98 $13.98
Introducing the "FlexGuard DuoShield": Elevate the longevity of your Apple iPhone charging cables with our revolutionary 2pcs Soft Silicone USB Cable Protector. Crafted with high elasticity, this duo of cable organizers, designed specifically for Apple devices, ensures your data wires stay impeccably organized and shielded from wear and tear. The FlexGuard DuoShield is not just a cable winder; it's a robust protection system that embraces your charging cables in a soft, silicone embrace. The high-quality material provides a gentle yet resilient barrier against bends, twists, and tugs, preventing fraying and extending the lifespan of your cherished Apple iPhone charging cables. Say goodbye to the frustration of damaged cables and tangled wires. The FlexGuard DuoShield effortlessly wraps around your cables, offering a sleek and efficient solution to keep your charging setup organized and visually appealing. The soft silicone construction also adds a touch of tactile comfort, making cable management a delightful experience. Upgrade your charging routine with the FlexGuard DuoShield, where innovation meets elegance, and the lifespan of your Apple iPhone charging cables is given the protection it truly deserves.
CozyPlay HavenJoy Mat CozyPlay HavenJoy Mat
CozyPlay HavenJoy Mat from $23.99 $23.99
Introducing the "CozyPlay HavenJoy Mat" – a delightful and soft haven for your little ones, designed to transform any children's room into a warm and playful sanctuary. This Soft Plush Children's Mat is not just a floor covering; it's an interactive and engaging Baby Play Mat that sparks imagination and creativity. Crafted from high-quality Eva Foam Puzzle Carpet, the CozyPlay HavenJoy Mat is not only comfortable underfoot but also serves as a protective and insulating layer in children's play areas. The 30301CM dimensions provide ample space for toddlers to explore and play, fostering their motor skills and cognitive development. Watch as your child's playtime becomes a magical adventure on this charming mat adorned with playful patterns and vibrant colors. The soft plush surface ensures a cozy spot for little ones to sit, crawl, and play, while the puzzle design adds an element of educational fun. Create a haven of warmth and joy in your children's room with the CozyPlay HavenJoy Mat – the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and entertainment. It's not just a mat; it's an essential companion in your child's journey of growth and discovery.   CozyPlay HavenJoy Mat: Feature Description Product Name CozyPlay HavenJoy Mat Material Soft Plush Surface, Eva Foam Puzzle Carpet Dimensions 30301CM (L x W x H) Functionality Children's Soft Play Mat, Baby Play Mat, Insulating and Protective Design Playful Patterns, Vibrant Colors Educational Element Puzzle Design for Cognitive Development Safety Child-Friendly, Non-toxic Materials Versatility Ideal for Children's Rooms, Keeps Warm
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RevitaTurn Therapeutic TranquilEase Mat RevitaTurn Therapeutic TranquilEase Mat
RevitaTurn Therapeutic TranquilEase Mat $36.99 $36.99
Introducing the "RevitaTurn Therapeutic TranquilEase Mat" – a groundbreaking innovation designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support for individuals with limited mobility. This revolutionary Massage Cushion Bed Turn Mat goes beyond the ordinary, seamlessly combining cutting-edge massaging technology with orthopedic expertise. The RevitaTurn Mat is not just a bed accessory; it's a transformative experience. Crafted with precision and care, this Paralyzed Patient Turn Over Mat is engineered to gently assist in turning over patients, promoting ease of movement and preventing discomfort. The integrated Massager for Body Massage Pad offers a soothing and rejuvenating massage experience, relieving tension and promoting relaxation. Elevate your orthopedic well-being with the Orthopedic Mat Bed, designed to provide optimal support for spinal alignment and pressure relief. The Orthopedic Pillow complements the mat, offering targeted comfort and ensuring a restful and restorative sleep. Indulge in the ultimate fusion of functionality and luxury with the RevitaTurn Therapeutic TranquilEase Mat – an all-encompassing solution for those seeking comfort, care, and a touch of tranquility in their daily lives.
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FlexFold Elegance Companion FlexFold Elegance Companion
FlexFold Elegance Companion $15.99 $15.99
Introducing the "FlexFold Elegance Companion": Elevate your travel experience with this multifunctional plastic foldable clothes hanger, a true game-changer in the world of wardrobe management. Designed for the modern globetrotter, the FlexFold Elegance Companion seamlessly combines travel space-saving efficiency with simplicity and creative portability. This ingeniously crafted clothes support system ensures that your garments stay neat and wrinkle-free, no matter where your adventures take you. Its foldable design makes it a space-saving marvel, effortlessly transforming into a compact companion that slips into your suitcase with ease. The FlexFold Elegance Companion isn't just a hanger; it's a creative and portable wardrobe solution. Perfect for those who appreciate simplicity without compromising on functionality, this hanger embodies the essence of hassle-free and stylish clothing support. Experience the epitome of travel-friendly organization with the FlexFold Elegance Companion. Embrace simplicity, creativity, and portability in one sleek package, ensuring your wardrobe stays in perfect shape wherever your journey leads.
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DIY Dried Flower Bookmarks (20PCS) - Buy 2 Sets Get 1 Set FREE DIY Dried Flower Bookmarks (20PCS) - Buy 2 Sets Get 1 Set FREE
DIY Dried Flower Bookmarks (20PCS) - Buy 2 Sets Get 1 Set FREE $9.99 $9.99
BUY 2 SETS GET 1 SET FREE! SIMPLY ADD 3 SETS TO CART, 1 OF THEM WILL BE FREE.  FLORAL WHISPERS ON EVERY PAGE! Elevate your reading experience with our DIY Dried Flower Bookmarks. Craft your own enchanting bookmarks with real dried flowers, adding a touch of nature to every page. Get yours and infuse your books with floral charm! FEATURES UNIQUE DESIGN: Craft your own unique bookmarks, adding a personal touch to your reading experience.  CONVENIENT: See-through bookmarks allow you to enjoy the beauty of dried flowers while effortlessly finding your page. HOW TO USE SPECIFICATIONS Each set includes a total of 20 pieces, with 4 pieces for each pattern.
VersaGrip DuoFlex: Multi-Tasking Adhesive Wall Hooks VersaGrip DuoFlex: Multi-Tasking Adhesive Wall Hooks
VersaGrip DuoFlex: Multi-Tasking Adhesive Wall Hooks from $13.99 $13.99
Revolutionize your home organization with the VersaGrip DuoFlex, the ultimate solution for clutter-free living! These innovative double-sided adhesive wall hooks boast unparalleled strength and versatility, providing a seamless storage solution for your kitchen, bath, or any space needing a tidy touch. Crafted with transparent, ultra-strong suction cups, these hooks offer steadfast grip without leaving a trace behind. Say goodbye to drilling and damaging walls—simply stick, press, and hang your essentials with confidence. The DuoFlex design allows for dual-sided usage, doubling your storage capacity and efficiency. From utensils to towels, its sturdy hold keeps items secure yet easily accessible. Experience the convenience of a clutter-free space while adding a touch of modern functionality with the VersaGrip DuoFlex. Embrace effortless organization and elevate your living space today!
CleanEase RollaSuds CleanEase RollaSuds
CleanEase RollaSuds from $14.99 $14.99
Introducing the ultimate travel companion for cleanliness on-the-go - our 'CleanEase RollaSuds' Disposable Soap Paper Roller! Revolutionize your hygiene routine with this innovative solution designed for effortless handwashing and bathing while away from home. Compact and efficient, each package contains a single roller and a box filled with premium disposable soap papers. These scented slice sheets are a marvel in convenience, offering a fresh and cleansing experience anywhere you wander. The compact size makes it an ideal fit for your travel bag, purse, or pocket, ensuring you're always prepared for a quick refresh. Crafted for ease of use, simply retrieve a soap paper sheet from the roller, add water, and watch it dissolve into a rich, foamy lather. Its gentle yet effective formula cleanses thoroughly, leaving behind a delightful, clean scent. Whether you're jet-setting, camping, or simply navigating through your daily adventures, the 'CleanEase RollaSuds' brings unparalleled convenience and hygiene to your fingertips. Bid farewell to bulky toiletry kits and welcome this compact, eco-friendly alternative that doesn't compromise on cleanliness. Stay fresh, stay clean, and stay prepared with our 'CleanEase RollaSuds' Disposable Soap Paper Roller - the essential companion for your travels and daily excursions.
AquaVenture Oasis AquaVenture Oasis
AquaVenture Oasis from $39.99 $39.99
Introducing the "AquaVenture Oasis": Your Ultimate Outdoor Hydration Companion! 🌟 Experience the epitome of convenience with the AquaVenture Oasis, a 12L Capacity Outdoor Water Bucket Portable Water Tank Container designed to elevate your camping and picnic adventures. This innovative water tank container isn't just a necessity; it's a game-changer. Crafted for outdoor enthusiasts, this portable water tank boasts a sturdy build that withstands rugged terrains, ensuring durability throughout your escapades. Its generous 12L capacity provides an ample supply of fresh, clean water, making it ideal for group outings, camping trips, picnics, and even road trips. The integrated faucet design allows for easy access to water without any spillage or hassle. Simply turn on the faucet, and voila! Enjoy a steady flow of water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and more. Its ergonomic handle ensures effortless carrying, letting you transport it with ease from your vehicle to your campsite. What sets the AquaVenture Oasis apart is its versatile functionality. Not only does it store and dispense water efficiently, but it also doubles as a convenient handwashing station or a quick shower solution during your outdoor excursions. Its multifunctional design truly makes it an indispensable companion for all your outdoor activities. Craft unforgettable memories while staying hydrated and hassle-free with the AquaVenture Oasis. Elevate your outdoor experience and make every moment count with this reliable, portable water tank container. Make the AquaVenture Oasis your trusted partner on every outdoor journey—where convenience meets reliability. Get yours today and quench your thirst for adventure!
5-Blade Kitchen Scissors 5-Blade Kitchen Scissors
5-Blade Kitchen Scissors from $14.99
STREAMLINE YOUR CULINARY JOURNEY! Ever struggle with kitchen tasks that seem to take forever? Effortlessly chop herbs with our 5-blade Kitchen Scissors., saving you time and enhancing your culinary creation. Get yours and upgrade your kitchen experience! FEATURES FAST & EASY: Master any cutting task with precision, thanks to the five sharp blades designed for effortless slicing through a variety of ingredients. WIDELY APPLICABLE: These kitchen scissors are versatile, making them an indispensable tool for various culinary tasks. CONVENIENT: Designed for practicality, these scissors are compact and portable, making them easy to store and ideal for both home kitchens and on-the-go culinary adventures. HOW TO USE SPECIFICATIONS
ZenGlow ZenGlow
ZenGlow from $355.99 $355.99
Welcome to the ✨ ZenGlow: Serenity Radiance Collection ✨, where illumination meets artistry. Introducing our one-of-a-kind Chinese Elegance Wall Luminaires, designed to transform your living space into an enchanting haven. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, these lamps fuse tradition with modernity, creating a mesmerizing ambiance that captivates the senses. Illuminate your home with the timeless elegance of our ZenGlow collection, perfectly curated to infuse tranquility and sophistication into every corner. Whether adorning your living room or enhancing the aura of your entrance, these luminaires effortlessly blend form and function, adding a touch of cultural richness and warmth to your surroundings. Our ZenGlow Chinese Elegance Wall Luminaires aren't just about lighting—it's an ode to artistic expression. Each piece is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, inspired by the grace and allure of Chinese aesthetics. The fusion of artistry and functionality creates a symphony of light and beauty, elevating your space to a realm of sophistication and charm. Dive into a world where illumination transcends mere functionality, where the gentle glow of ✨ ZenGlow ✨ luminaires transports you to a serene and contemplative realm. Embrace the allure of the New Chinese Zen aesthetic and transform your home into a sanctuary of beauty and grace with our ✨ ZenGlow: Serenity Radiance Collection - Chinese Elegance Wall Luminaires. 🏮✨ Specifications: Moonlit Grove: Celestial Arboreal Edition Size: 49.2 x 23.6 inches (125 x 60cm) Cascade Sanctuary: Mountain Pilgrim Edition Size: 31.5 x 59.1 x 3.9 inches (80X150X10 CM)  Material: Titanium magnizume alloy + Crystalp porcelain stereo lampshade Crimson Horizon: Avian Vista Edition Size: 23.6 x 47.2 x 3.9 inches (60X120X10 CM) Material: Titanium magnizume alloy + Crystalp porcelain stereo lampshade Verdant Canopy: Alpine Serenity Edition Size: 23.6 x 47.2 x 1.8 inches (60 x 120 x 4.5 CM) Material: Aluminum alloy+ high definition painting + crystal ceramic surface + hardware + resin
CozyDreams PlushGuard CozyDreams PlushGuard
CozyDreams PlushGuard from $32.99 $32.99
Introducing the "CozyDreams PlushGuard: Winter-Ready Mattress Protector" Elevate your sleep sanctuary with the CozyDreams PlushGuard, a premium mattress protector meticulously crafted for the winter season. Engineered with solid milk flour cotton and thickened plush, this fitted sheet isn't just a cover—it's a shield of comfort and warmth. Designed to provide an extra layer of coziness, the PlushGuard boasts a unique blend of wool coral flour, ensuring a snug fit while offering superior protection for your mattress. Say goodbye to cold nights and welcome the plush, insulating embrace of this winter-ready mattress protector. Crafted for both functionality and luxury, the CozyDreams PlushGuard not only safeguards your mattress but also enhances your sleep experience. Its innovative design delivers exceptional softness and durability, promising nights of uninterrupted, blissful rest. Indulge in the ultimate bedding upgrade and transform your bed into a haven of warmth and comfort with the CozyDreams PlushGuard. Sleep soundly knowing your mattress is shielded by premium quality and winter-ready protection.
FurErase Pro FurErase Pro
FurErase Pro from $15.99 $15.99
Introducing "FurErase Pro: Ultimate Pet Hair Vanisher" Say goodbye to stubborn pet hair with FurErase Pro! This revolutionary lint roller is your go-to solution for effortlessly removing dog and cat fur from any surface. From sofas to clothes, this multi-purpose hair sticker roller is designed to make cleaning a breeze. FurErase Pro isn't just a lint remover—it's a powerful tool that swiftly banishes pesky pet fur, leaving your furniture and garments looking pristine. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and easy maneuverability, making it a must-have for pet owners and anyone battling persistent fur woes. Experience the convenience of a lint roller that goes above and beyond, effortlessly gliding over fabrics and upholstery to leave them fur-free. Take control of pet hair like never before with FurErase Pro!
PawsSpa HydroCare Brush. PawsSpa HydroCare Brush.
PawsSpa HydroCare Brush. from $16.99 $16.99
Introducing the ultimate grooming revolution for your beloved pet—the "PawsSpa HydroCare Brush." This innovative grooming marvel is designed to pamper your furry companion like never before. Say farewell to tangles and shedding, and hello to a stress-free grooming experience! The PawsSpa HydroCare Brush is more than just a grooming tool—it's a luxurious spa treatment for your pet. Featuring a built-in electric water spray and soft silicone bristles, this brush effortlessly removes loose hair while providing a gentle massage. The soothing steam keeps your pet's coat hydrated and healthy, promoting a glossy sheen that'll turn heads. Experience the joy of bonding with your pet during grooming sessions, made easy and enjoyable with this ergonomic brush. With its versatile design suitable for both cats and dogs, this grooming brush is a must-have accessory for pet lovers everywhere. Upgrade your pet's grooming routine with the PawsSpa HydroCare Brush and witness the transformation into a happy, healthier, and impeccably groomed furry friend. Invest in their comfort and well-being today!
2-in-1 Digital Laser Measuring Tape™ 2-in-1 Digital Laser Measuring Tape™
2-in-1 Digital Laser Measuring Tape™ from $49.99 $49.99
TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF YOUR MEASUREMENTS! INNOVATIVE 2-IN-1 DESIGN - Our cutting-edge 2-in-1 design seamlessly integrates a 130ft/40m measuring tape with a built-in laser while also including a 16ft/5m Auto-Lock feature!  EASILY SWITCH BETWEEN FEET & METRIC UNITS - Conveniently switch between Feet and Metric units with the smooth single-button function. LCD SCREEN SHOWCASES ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS  - Experience precise measurements with fractional and continuous measurements showcased on a LCD screen, boasting accuracy up to ±1/16 inch over distances of up to 130ft/40m. COMFORTABLE, PREMIUM QUALITY - Featuring an anti-skid high-impact rubberized ABS case, an Auto-Lock tape mechanism, a 3/4" dual-sided print scale with nylon coating, and a true-zero magnetic hook.

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